About Mum Hand Stitch

Get to know our Founder- Abigail

As a mother of two girls who absolutely love to dress up, I struggled to find outfits that complemented their stature. 

I found the fabrics quite bland and not eye catching enough- and those that were, were very expensive!

I started sourcing fabrics from West Africa and making custom dresses and flared skirts for my girls at home. Now I have a small team of skilled seamstresses who produce my designs. And that’s how Mum Hand Stitch was born!

Our Mission

It’s simple,

To make your child look and feel good without the hefty price tag. Because every child deserves to look good and feel confident. In a world where we’re divided by many things- fashion shouldn’t be one of them.

Social impact:

Mum Hand Stitch not only makes the most beautifully tailored clothing for girls, but through training and sustainable job creation, we empower our seamstresses and their families to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future. 

We see a world where women are breadwinners, confident and empowered to improve infrastructures. 

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